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Programs and software available for download are developed by the author and are mostly Freeware. For details read the Readme file packed with each software program.

DiskMemTray v1.1
DiskMemTray is a small utility that gives you information about the usage of your system memory, the virtual memory, resources and all the storage drives connected to the computer. This utility operates from the system tray occupying the least of the computer resources.

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size: 220KB

NetTimer v1.22
NetTimer is a utility that monitors dial-up Internet connection and measures the time spent on it. It keeps an account of the phone bill that will be incurred due to the connections. This program can start with Windows startup or as soon as the computer is connected to the Internet. Generation of reports is also possible.

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size: 690KB

!! Please uninstall earlier version of NetTimer and delete the NetTimer folder before installing New version. Log files of NetTimer v1.21 or below are not compatible with NetTimer v1.22. So delete old log files first.