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NetTimer v1.22 Rev 40

NetTimer is a utility that monitors dial-up Internet connection and measures the time spent on it. It keeps an account of the phone bill that will be incurred due to the connections. This program can start with Windows startup or as soon as the computer is connected to the Internet. Generation of reports is also possible.

Features of NetTimer:

  • Supports Microsoft(R) Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • Ability to startup with windows
  • Ability to start as soon as connected to the Internet
  • Background connection monitoring
  • Alarm Feature
  • Alert feature to warn if a month bill or time limit is crossed
  • Start/Stop monitoring the connection
  • Connect/Disconnect any dial-up-connection using NetTimer
  • Operates from system tray icon
  • Display of information on middle click on system tray icon
  • Ability to enter records for unmonitored internet sessions
  • Keeps a log of all the connections during the month
  • Keeps a month by month log of all previous months in the year
  • Generation of reports
  • Displays time remaining in the next call or telephone pulse
  • Make new Dial-up-connection using NetTimer
  • Uninstallation facility


Version 1.22

  • Added month Bill Alert feature
  • Added month Time Alert feature
  • Display of accumulated time for month

Version 1.21

  • Fixed bug related to update of log file
  • Improved implementation of Background monitoring

Version 1.2

  • Added feature for generating reports
  • Added Help button on main window
  • Fixed Major bug in Background monitoring
    (in some cases initiated an infinite loop)
  • Fixed bug in Alarm downcounter
  • Other visual enhancements
  • Several other minor bugs fixed

Version 1.1

  • Added Alarm feature
  • Added detailed Help file / Manual.
  • Automatic detection of a new user.
  • Iconic system tray menus.
  • Middle click options also available in right click.
  • Fixed BUG related to Start/Stop Monitoring (gave "runtime error number 6" in some cases).
  • Corrections made in pulse time values.
  • Some other minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.0

  • This is the first version of NetTimer.

Download  NetTimer v1.22 Now
size: 690KB

!! Please uninstall earlier version of NetTimer and delete the NetTimer folder before installing New version. Log files of NetTimer v1.21 or below are not compatible with NetTimer v1.22. So delete old log files first.

Known Issue with NetTimer
If you are unable to configure NetTimer and it gives "Runtime error 11' then NetTimer download this patch. Just unzip this file and double click. When asked whether to add data to registry say yes. Then open NetTimer and press configure to configure it.
Download NetTimer Patch
size : 1 kB